Friday, July 6, 2012

Is Your Computer Infected? Check To See

DNS Changer 2012 – Is My Computer Infected?
DNS Changer 2012 You may have heard the news about folks possibly getting infected with a malicious virus (whether you have a PC or Mac) starting Monday, July 9th, 2012. Basically, FBI stopped a ring of cyber criminals who infected the web with a bad DNS and the FBI have been holding them within special servers but on Monday, they will replace the DNS servers which isn’t 100% safe. It’s just a BIG mess!
How to check if my computer is infected? Go to, click Detect, and click the link shown to see if your infected. If your DNS Resolution appears green, you are perfectly fine and safe to use the internet on Monday. If it’s red, be sure to conduct the fix right away.
For full details, check out the DCWG website!

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