Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can Storage (Shelf Reliance)

Cansolidator Pantry     Cansolidator Pantry Plus   Cansolidator Cupboard
This is a must for an organized stockpile.  I have several of these to organize my can goods.  I don't have to worry about is this one the newest one or oldest one.  It is a rotational can organizer.  You just put the new ones on the top and when you need one, grab from the bottom.

I get my can consolidators from Jodi and Julie.  HERE is their linkI'm not compensated for this in any way.  I just like to advertise a great product at a great price.  When you see the price, click on it and it's a lot cheaper after clicking.  I haven't seen self reliance prices cheaper than Jodi and Julie's prices.
You will not be disapointed with this product.  I LOVE it!

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