Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Big Reveal

After a week of hard work it has finally paid off.  I was too embarassed to show you the before picture because it looked like something out of hoarders LOL.  I finally have an organized craft room (where I know where everything is)  I still have a little more to go but it's completed for the most part.
The board that says Sparty's came from MSU Surplus (Salvage) Store.  It's a magnetized board that came with strips that I got for 5.00.  I painted it and spruced it up.  I'm going to get new vinyl to cover up the letters (coffee's ,etc.) 

The white thing against the wall on the right is a table that comes up and then folds down when not in use.  I put that up there so when my girls come over, we have a place to sew.  The big blank area on the wall above that will be covered soon (around my Birthday) with a flat screened TV.

A lot of the items came from IKEA (Love that place!)

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