Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What A Day (Smile)

It was a very emotional, stressfull, busy and happy week all rolled into one last week getting ready for my Daughter's Wedding.  I couldn't have done it without my Daughter Shannon.  We worked about 12 hours per day making different things every day.  I finally finished with all of the Wedding stuff yesterday (scrubbing chafing pans and getting all of the stains out of the linens (washed about 10 loads of table cloths!)

Here are the cakeballs and cupcakes that we made.  I made Renee's Wedding cake and put a vintage cake topper on it (it belongs to my Mother & Father-in-law, they have been married for about 60 years now).

Renee and Rodney got Married at a retro movie theatre (Sun Theatre in Grand Ledge) If you get a chance... go to a movie there (the owners are AWESOME!) and tickets are only 2.00 each! 

Here is Renee and Renee's Dad (my Husband Terry) and here are all of the bridesmaids (my Daughter Shannon is the on the very left)

Aren't they all beautiful? 

Below, Renee wanted me to pose by my project that I made- The Photo Booth.

Everyone had a BLAST with the Photo Booth and most people went in at least 3-4 times.  I had props.  I had the printer print out 2 copies and the people got to keep 1 and I had a basket for the other copy for the Bride & Groom.

Of course I have to get a picture of my sweet Grandblessings in here.  Well I got back to work tomorrow, so life will return back to normal (whatever that is LOL!)  I had a great time at the Wedding with all of my Friends & Family.  I'm so grateful that Renee has a wonderful Husband (and his Family is wonderful too!)    Thank You for being so patient with me while I was gone.

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