Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Got My Chicken... Did You Get Yours?

I was real happy with the chicken that I picked up today at the Zaycon Foods Event.  It was a 40lb box with all of the chicken in 1 bag that was divided into 4 bags.

This is the first time that I have ordered chicken from them and was very satisfied.  The chicken came buterflied and were HUGE!  They were bigger than my hand!

Next time I'm going to order some bacon.  A co-worker ordered it and I picked it up.  The 30 lb. of bacon came in (2) 15 lb. boxes. 

I'm going to split the cost of my next order with a friend of mine (there's NO WAY we can eat that much bacon!)

I'll let you all know the next time that Zaycon has an event and if you missed out on this one, make sure to catch the next one :)


JoDee said...

I would love to know more. I checked out their website. Are the prices better than I could get on sale at the local grocery store?

Hello said...

I haven't seen chicken breast on sale for 1.69 per pound. JoDee, if you would have seen these in person you would say WOW! These chicken breast here HUGE! Everyone that I have talked to were very impressed with the quality of the meat and felt it was a great deal for the money. A great way to stock up your freezer. I wish I would have purchased more from this company (next time though).