Sunday, August 7, 2011

My BEST Meijer Trip EVER!

You would NEVER believe what I'm going to tell you... Can you believe that I only paid 1.45 for ALL of this today (after catalina coupons)??  No, I did not clear any shelves (there was a whole refrigerated case full of hot dogs) So I got 24 packs of Hot Dogs and 6 packs of Carefree all together and did 3 transactions.   I am going to give the Hot Dogs to family members and the rest I will donate.

Meijer has Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs on sale this week for 1.99/pack.  If you buy 8 packs you get 8.00 instantly off your order.  If you buy 8 packs you also got a 4.00 Catalina coupon to use on your next purchase when you checkout (ends tonight).  If you have the 1.00/2 pack Oscar Mayer Hot Dog coupon from the 6/18 SS insert and have 4 of them (I had 11 coupons and did 3 transactions) you would get all  8 packs of hot dogs for FREE.  The Carefree panty liners were .08 each plus tax (after coupon) because I had the .50 coupon from the 6/26 SS insert and my coupon got doubled (Meijer will double 2 "alike" coupons up to .50 per transacation).   I used 1 of the 4.00 catalina coupons on my 3rd transaction so I wouldn't have to pay that much out of pocket. I think that this is my all time best couponing run.

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